Coosa Pines Golf Club was established in 1952 by Kimberly Clark Corporation in order to furnish their employees a place to play golf and gather for both company and community events. The course itself evolved from three holes to nine and then finally culminating in eighteen holes in 1986. The club is operated as a private facility but due to the demand for a reasonably price well kept course a limited amount of tee times to the general public are allowed. The 6,429-yard, par 72 has challenges around every corner and is maintained to please the most demanding golfer.

- Benefits of Membership -
*20 % discount on your immediate family playing with you. (ex. Wife, son, daughter, brother, exclusion on junior membership.)
*20 % discount on 4 guests per month (outside of immediate family, exclusion on junior membership.)
*opportunity to play in member only events
*ability to charge to account and pay monthly
*preferred tee times
* discounted use of Banquet/Restaurant Facility


Coosa Pines Golf Club possesses all of the necessary facilities to improve your game and provide the highest amount enjoyment. The club has a driving range, chipping practice green and putting green to encourage improvement for every phase of the game.

- MGA (Men’s Golf Association) -
The MGA is an organization started by members during the early years of the clubs history.  This organization was formed to guarantee a regular game for all skill levels.  Members pay a small nominal yearly fee and meet to play five days a week (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun) all year long. It is open to all male members of the club that possess a current USGA handicap.  To be a part of this organization, please inquire in the Golf Shop.

The Ladies Golf Association at Coosa Pines Golf Club also exists to provide Ladies with the same opportunity as the male members. Every Thursday is Ladies day, along with the first Thursday of every month being the Ladies Dog Fight day, entitling lady club members the ability to bring a guest for cart fee only.  To be a part of this organization, please inquire in the Golf Shop.

The club regularly host tournaments of all types providing local organizations, clubs, schools and other non profit groups the ability to raise money through the sharing of our facility. The major events hosted by the Club include the Member/Member/Guest, the Club Championship, the Junior Club Championship, the Senior Club Championship and the Catfish Classic (two-person scramble). Other events are hosted from time to time and are announced in the club’s monthly newsletter.

Lockers are available for an annual fee.  The men’s locker room is equipped with everything to make a man comfortable - showers, restrooms, card room, and snack machine.  The club is also a member of The United States Golf Association allowing us to provide a handicapping service for our club members. Subscription to the handicap system allows you to post scores here at the club or on the internet @

The golf shop is stocked with the latest fashions and golf equipment in order to offer our members the opportunity to play and dress their best.

- RESTAURANT / Banquet Facility -
Coosa Pines possesses a comfortable restaurant / bar area that is open daily and doubles as a Banquet/Event Center. The restaurant features a scenic back patio overlooking the eighteenth green, a huge television for that favorite team gathering along with a full service kitchen/bar. This area is perfect for your next luncheon, club gathering or golf event. The facility has hosted numerous tournament ceremonies, dinner nights and special events. Coosa Pines members receive discounted prices for use of the facility.

Membership Opportunities

The following memberships are presently offered at Coosa Pines Golf Club under  one year contractual terms:

The Family Membership
- qualifies all members of an immediate family for a one year period
                                                                   Initiation $300                                                              Monthly Dues $150

The Single Membership - qualifies a single individual for a one year period     
                                                                   Initiation $250                                                              Monthly Dues $125

The School Age Membership is open to individuals under 23 years old and enrolled in a high school, college or university.
                                                                    Initiation $130                                                                 Monthly Dues $65

For a tour of the facilities or other information, please contact the golf shop. Or you may visit: on the internet.

Coosa Pines Golf Club
16615 Plant Road, Childersburg, AL 35044
256-378-5529, fax 256-378-5263

Attention Course Operator:
I solicit membership to your Club. I the undersigned, do herby make a commitment to pay dues as a member of Coosa Pines Golf Club for ONE YEAR from the day of this contract’s beginning date. I do understand that I may be subject to dues increases at the conclusion of this year.

Signature:                                                                                                                          Date:

--Application must have signature and date or contract will be rejected--

I further understand that my membership, if approved, will be subject to the following. 1) No part of the initiation fee is refundable.  2) Failure to conform to all Club rules and policies will result in forfeiture of membership.  2) Payment in full for prior month charges is due and payable by the 20th of the following month.  Any check returned “insufficient funds” will be justifiable cause for forfeiture of membership.  4)  I will be responsible for any debts incurred by myself, family members or my guests for charges to my account at Coosa Pines Golf Club.  In the event that services of an attorney are required to collect any delinquent monies, I will be liable for all attorney fees and collection cost.  5)  All changes to membership status must be in writing. 6)  Rejection of this application may be made without explanation to me. My consent is hereby given to Coosa Pines Golf Club to conduct such investigation deemed necessary to my background and financial standing in the community.

Type of Membership Applied For (check one)

       Family Membership_____      Single Membership_____      School Age Membership_____


Home Address___________________________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone____________________________________ Business Phone___________________________________________

Social Security #____________________________________Drivers License #_______________________________________

Email address ____________________________________________Spouses name____________________________________

Referred by: ____________________________________________________________________________(
Coosa Pines Member)

Names of Children “in household”  (children must be under 18 living in household to qualify for a “family” membership)

___________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


Credit Reference: (Must be a Banking institution & Checking Account Number)

Bank                                                                    Acct. #
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Membership Opportunities
16615 Plant Rd
Childersburg, AL 35044
P: (256) 378-5529
F: (256) 378-5263
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Coosa Pines is a private facility which welcomes a limited amount of outside play.
For tee times call 256-378-5529  Weekday tee times are not usally needed, walk-ins are welcome.